Monitoring technology for high performance sports


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Hours and Duration

25 hours







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Branch of Knowledge

Sports Science

Recipient (Target Audience):

Sport scientists, public related to the field of sport, researchers, people interested in acquiring skills for performance monitoring, injury prevention, return to play, and so on.

Presentation and Justification:

To be determined by UCAM

Career Opportunities:

Valid diploma to reinforce access to positions related to the execution of tasks consistent with sports performance in elite environments, amateur teams, sports school, and so on.

Module 1. The importance of monitoring the athlete.

Module 2. Monitoring of athletes with EPTS.

Module 3. Data collection.

Module 4. Data analysis process.

Module 5. Key information through online platforms.

Module 6. Support to the process of real-time data collection.

Module 7. Most common performance variables.

Module 8. Practice: Play with the data

FINAL EXAM for Certification.

There shall be no modules with a load of less than 3 ECTS credits and they shall be whole numbers or with decimals of 0.5. Example: 3, 3.5, 4, and so on.
To be determined by UCAM Assessment criteria: (Marking System) It will be necessary to complete each lesson with 100% correct answers on the 5 questions that contain each of them and 70% correct answers on the final assessment questions in order to obtain the degree.

Access Requirements: Requirements for registration; The student must provide the following documentation:

  • Admission Application.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • ID Card, Passport.
  • Academic Diploma. The front and back must be on the same file (pdf.).
  • Students coming from outside the EU must present studies of academic
  • recognition (Hostudents) in cases where they apply for accreditation of
  • university-specific Master’s, Specialist and Expert Degrees (not required for
  • Diplomas).
  • Passport size photo (jpg or png)

- University Diploma: an access diploma is not required. Students must be over the age of majority.
- University Expert and University Specialist. A university degree (bachelor’s degree), higher level vocational training or, failing that, accredited work experience in the field of at least two years will be required.
- Master’s Degree. A university degree (bachelor’s degree) or, failing that, accredited work experience in the field of at least five years will be required. Access or recognition acquired: (Only if any)

Teaching Staff

  • Peter Demopoulos
  • Sergi Bellmunt Guasch


Calendar and exams:

Academic period; To be determined by UCAM Practical training in businesses; not necessary Registration.


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