Together, the “Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia” and the Spanish “UCAM Sports Management University” have developed a Postgraduate Study Program which aims to provide training for its students in the field of Sports Management and give them both a theoretical and practical overview of this sector which is constantly changing and growing.

Due to major advances in the sports sector during the last decade, it has now become necessary to train professionals in all areas of this field. Therefore, sports management is one of the areas of knowledge to be further considered, since it is responsible for the efficient and effective management of each of the coordinative and organizational aspects of sports.

Justification of the title

The content and development of this Master’s in Sports Marketing is constantly adapting itself in order to meet the professional requests and demands aimed at the sports marketing in marketing departments, institutions and facilities, as well as the design, management and development of marketing plans of any nature or volume, which is particularly important for the students for when they begin their professional practice.

During this current time of gradual adaption in the European Higher Education Area, the continuity of graduate studies is essential for all students that are interested in this area of knowledge.

The current postgraduate study gives the students a high academic specialization and integration of their training options in the sports marketing area, facilitating a professional level of advanced training.


The UCAM online education, following its own principles, consists in a  customised, service-minded training  adapted to new technologies.

Therefore, it offers work techniques that provides flexible learning to help students to balance work, sport, family life and studies while widening their professional profile.

The Virtual Campus provides students with access to all the necessary education materials,such as documents, videos, full lectures, tasks,  and also helps them to keep direct contact with professors and classmates through video conferences, forums, chats, and other resources.