Graduate Profile

The MMSE+MBA - Master in Management of sport Entities' Graduate profile is suited to the job market needs allowing them to acquire the complementary and multidisplinary specialized skills needed to be able to develop their technical and management skills within the context of sportive management entitiesthrough notorious career opportunities as an emplyed or self-employed.

As an Official Postgraduate Tittle, The MMSE+MBA - Master in Management of Sport Entities allows you the access to the Doctorate program for those students who pass the 300 ECTS as set out in the Art. 6 of R.D. 99/2011 of January 28th.

Career Opportunities


The training obtained through the Masters program provides access to the job market in both the public and private sectors. A wide range of professional roles and profiles can be filled by graduates in sports management. The skills attained by the students prepare them for leadership positions as well as creating their own business plan as entrepreneurs.

On completion of the program you will be qualified to:

  • Correctly and accurately interpret the law regarding sports by which both public and private sports organizations are governed.
  • Manage quality processes and policies in sport organizations.
  • Resource planning (human, organizational and financial) of sports institutions.
  • Manage any type of sports facility in a sustainable manner.
  • Organize sporting events at local, national and international levels.
  • Create a communication plan for organizations and sports events.
  • Research and teach sports management.