The UCAM Sports Management University endorses the pillars on which the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia itself is based. Training, research, evangelization, internationalization and, of course, sport are the starting foundations to develop the leaders of the future. Betting on an avant-garde and updated development of our programs.

The main objective of the UCAM Sports Management University is to ensure that you can make your passion your future. Thus, our programs contain a great professional perspective and in all of them the students have at their disposal numerous centers, companies and clubs to be able to do an internship period, which brings them closer to the labor reality of the sector in which they specialize.

1.- International

The development of our programs in English makes us receive students from 5 continents. More than 30 nationalities have already passed through our programs, providing a great cultural diversity, which allows us to learn customs and visions from all over the world.

2.- Quality

UCAM Sports Management University offers official degrees and its own degrees taught by excellent teachers who come from the academic branch and the professional branch, combining both aspects in the training of students.

3.- Methodology

Our programs have a high combination of theoretical and practical content, with a dynamic methodology, practices in companies and continuous networking.

4.- Sport

We move in the sports sector. The UCAM Sports Management University develops programs aimed at the professional world and aimed at areas of sports management, sports communication and sports performance.

If sport is your passion, we are your school.