"The course MBA Sports Management re-energized my passion for sports and finally it gives me a detailed overview of how I could have a presence in the sports industry", Philips Arobaya

07 Octubre 2016

Philips Arobaya (29, Indonesia) student of MBA Sports Management gives us his impression about the time during the intership and the course MBA Sports Management as well.


Can you tell me what "the third half" is about?

I took an internship (& currently still interning) at “the third half” or t3h for short in the Madrid office. The company works in the social football tourism industry, t3h’s possession of a social initiative function is different to it´s sister company eSoccer’s focus in the football tourism for group travel and player development through coaching clinics sector.


In which department do you work and what is your position?

In t3h my official title is as a Global Operations Manager, in the Madrid office we cover the regions; Asia, Africa, parts of Europe and Oceania. We have a counterpart Atlanta office that handles the regions North America, South America, and parts of Europe.


How long have you been working at "the third half")?

I’ve been interning at the company for 6 months now.


What is your daily work at "the third half"?

My job description requires me to build a database for potential networking (local host and travel partner agencies identification) and developing of the product (travel itinerary). I would tap into our partner street football world’s (sfw) network member database to identify potential local hosts for the products destinations. The database may also include organizations/NGOs from outside the sfw networking. The job description also extends to being the frontline in acquisition and answering of queries addressed to the t3h Madrid office. After product design, I am also involved with marketing the product to institutions and potential clientele as part of the sales process.


How is the experience of working at "the third half"?

The experience was great, gave me a lot of opportunities and a new learning platform. Especially in my understanding of the football tourism industry, coaching clinic and player development and the importance of networking in the football industry.


What have you offered to "the third half" to help them improve on their various projects?

I believe I brought to t3h a few qualities, in particular; An understanding of corporate level execution of tasks. The structured manner of execution coming from past work experiences was useful because of the startup nature of t3h (I think it will pick up very quickly though!). Having also been a part of a social football organization in my home country, I was able to share my experience and bring my understanding of local hosts/organizations/NGO when it came to adjusting our approach for initial contact. In this sense, we were able to understand more about our clientele and how to cater to their needs as well establish a mechanism to brainstorm with the clientele when designing our final products.


How is your relationship with your supervisor and colleagues at work? Are they being helpful with your day-to-day work?

The workplace and environment of my workplace is young and enthusiastic; which is a great pick up for myself and keeps me upbeat at work.  I have a great relationship with my colleagues and supervisor, they are welcoming and open to answering my questions. They assist me in my work by consulting their opinions and sharing their best practices methodology for tasks I am in charge of at the workplace.


Do you think that this master's degree, including the internship, will help you get a job?

I think the master’s degree compliments the work I am doing; I think most important is understanding the culture of football as an institution, especially here in Spain which taking the course have assisted me in. Of interest to myself was the organization of the ultras, an impressive feat to an extent for me. Another lesson that I’ve retrieved from the course and internship is the football management and talent development aspect, the seriousness that goes into it backs up Spain as a country’s success in global football. t3h as a company focuses more on the social development side promoting the ideals of football as a tool for change and spread of the social football concepts. The internship also allowed me to look over at the generation adidas international/eSoccer’s side of the operations when organizing soccer clinics with institutions (Real Madrid Fundacion, Ajax, etc) all around Europe, the amount of professionality that goes into organizing these trips and the special addition of “know how” about the industry are second to none. Seeing this first hand was great and helped my understanding of concepts application processes. It’s given me a good base to identify how to relate job descriptions to my interests.


Do you think that your internship serves a springboard in helping you get jobs in the sports sector?

Most definitely, I’ve been able to gain not just networking in my internship. For myself it’s the retrieving of a “know how” about how the industry works that will benefit me to make my future job search decisions specifically in the sports sector.


Would you recommend this program to those passionate about sports to enroll in this masters and fulfill their dreams?

I would recommend the program for anyone looking to gain insight to the sports industry and sports business world. After the program and after my internship, I’m definitely more excited to have chosen to jump over to this industry.


Do you think that after this MBA Sports Management, you are more closer to achieving your dream?

I think the MBA Sports Management program was a good choice for me at the time I chose to do it. The course re-energized my passion for sports and finally it gives me a detailed overview of how I could have a presence in the sports industry. Aditionally, the amount of networking I was able to make with the amazing classmates I had were priceless. I enjoyed this program more because of the company I had with me doing the masters as well.