First ever Sports Management Short Course debuts

The first two weeks in July mark the debut of UCAM’s first ever summer Sports Management Short Course.

17 Julio 2018

The course was attended by a group of international students from Korea and Turkey who came to Murcia to attend the summer short course that provides students with current sports management knowledge and insight on topics related to the ever-evolving and growing sports industry.

The course includes programs classes, an off-campus educational visit to UCAM Club de Fútbol stadium and facilities, accommodations, breakfast and lunches, transportation to and from the airport, and a guided tour of Murcia’s city center. During their time attending the course, students are taught subjects on the UCAM-Los Jerónimos campus from 9:30am - 2:00pm. Some of the subjects taught were include case studies in corporate sports communication, sports marketing, big data in sports, management of professional teams, eSports management and sporting events.

As part of the summer programs, UCAM Sports Management University is offering more short courses during the summer months to provide students the educational experiences and opportunities to familiarize themselves and enter into the world of professional sports and sports management.

The next upcoming summer program is the Sports Physiotherapy short course in English that will be offered in the month of September. Similar to the Sports Management Short Course, the Sports Physiotherapy course will include an educational visit, accommodations, meals, transportation, a city tour and educational visits to the Centers for High Performance Sports at UCAM and La Manga Club in Cartagena, Spain. Some of the subjects that will be covered include biomedics and physiotherapy in sport, and strength, velocity and aerobics trainings. To find out more information on registering for this course, please following this link.