Willem Coleman MBA Sports Management Student from Ghana, doing his internship in LaLiga

17 Junio 2016

Willem Coleman is a student of MBA Sports Management doing his internship at AD Alcorcón, a team of LaLiga.

We interview him to know how his internship is going.

1. Can you tell me what AD Alcorcón is about?
AD Alcorcon is a second division football team located in the Community of Madrid in Spain. This season we had a great run and were only 5 minutes away from securing a Primera Liga playoff spot in our last game of the season, but unfortunately results elsewhere ended that dream.
2. In which department do you work and what is your position?
I mainly work with the marketing and communications department, but with AD Alcorcon being a small club, I am privileged to work in almost all areas of the club as and when necessary.
3. What is your daily work at AD Alcorcón?
So far I have done database management; collecting and managing information for the club, youth football coordination; assisting the administrators of the youth system to organise tournaments and summer camps, pre-match logistics; offering support to the logistics department before home games, sponsor event management; helping to organise players and other participants in sponsor events during games or after training sessions, and social media; helping monitor the club's social media activities across all social networks.
4. Do you think that this master's degree, including the internship, will help you get a job?
The master’s degree has provided the right theoretical framework for me to be confident about my knowledge of sports management. The trips within Spain, the international trip and masterclasses gave insight into how things are in practice and so the internship topped it up by giving us first-hand experience of the workings of these clubs and sports organizations which I believe will be invaluable in our quests to become sports managers and executives.
5. Do you think that your internship serves a springboard in helping you get jobs in the sports sector?
Definitely, once I have experience of working with a professional club, especially one from a world renowned football organization such as La Liga, it definitely puts me in good stead to get a job in the sports sector. Also, considering the experience I am getting by working in so many sectors of the club, it can only be to my advantage and I am positive that I will get a job, or at least good contacts, should I decide to pursue my own football business.
6. How is your relationship with your supervisor and colleagues at work? Are they being helpful with your day-to- day work?
My supervisor and colleagues at work are very helpful and friendly. The language barrier prevents us from communicating with each other more on a personal level, but with regard to work, I couldn’t have asked for better colleagues. Very patient, very helpful, friendly and respectful.
7. What have you offered to AD Alcorcón to help them improve on their various projects?
My thesis is on a project that I am working on about youth player recruitment, and so I have expressed my desire to share my thoughts with them on that subject. I have availed myself to them to share whatever opinion they may ask of me. The knowledge I have gained from pursuing this MBA can be helpful to them.
8.  How is the experience of working at AD Alcorcón?
So far the experience has been satisfying. I am in an environment I have always wanted to be in and I feel involved in how the club works too. I am grateful for this opportunity.
9. Do you think that after this MBA Sports Management program, you are closer to achieving your dream?
To be honest, I feel like I have begun living the dream. Going places I have been and meeting the people I have met has been amazing. It would not have been possible without doing this MBA. Even right here at my club, we are in close contact with the players, and during home games sometimes I am required to go pitchside, very close to the action. And I am living all this without having finished my program. I can only imagine where I will be once I am done.
10. Would you recommend this program to those passionate about sports to enroll in this masters and fulfill their dreams?
Definitely! Taking this MBA easily passes for one of the very best decisions I have made in my life. I am a huge sports fan, and nothing pleases me more than having an opportunity to use my passion to build a career. So once I know anybody who is as passionate about sports as I am, I will not hesitate to recommend the program. I have met a lot of great and influential people and made great friends too. I would definitely want others to experience this as well.