Tomás Trindade de Freitas

Student of High Performance Sport

My experience in this Master’s was very positive and match my initial expectations. I have to highlight
the excellence of the teaching faculty as I was provided with high quality education by some of the
most respected exercise/sport scientists from all over the world. I acquired the skills, both theoretical
and practical, to be able to pursue my doctoral studies as well as to be able to work with different elite
teams and athletes.

Anton Matunlauri

Student of High Performance Sport

So far I have really enjoyed my stay in Murcia. I think the people are very welcoming for international
students here and I enjoy the atmosphere at the city. I am excited for the weather to get warmer, hit
the beach and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle here in Spain. Regarding my Master’s in High Performance
Sport: Strength and Conditioning, I have great expectations for the year. I think the professors are top
class and I look forward to gain all the knowledge I can.

Konstadinos Jani

Student of High Performance Sport

Many things here remind me of Greece; the climate, the Spanish cuisine and the way of life. We have
more similarities than differences. People who are working for UCAM are at your disposal whenever
you need them. I am confident that the overall opportunity to study at UCAM broadened my horizons
and gave me the chance to gain world class education and delve deeper into my general development.