• Correctly and accurately interpret the law regarding sports marketing
  • Manage quality processes and policies in sport organizations
  • Resource planning of sports institutions
  • Spanish Language Courses
  • Taught in English
  • Organize sporting events at local, national and international levels
  • Create a communication plan for organizations and sports events


On Campus


1 Course



Tuition Fee

6.900,00 €/ Curso





Master's Degrees


Monday-Thursday 16:00-21:00




Tomás Arroba - Master's in Sports Marketing 

“Without a doubt, having completed this master's degree is one of the best decisions I have made for my future career.
In this master's degree I have obtained a global vision of how the sports sector is structured today, as well as understanding the importance of sport in our days, and learning through the different practical work carried out during the master's degree. Besides being able to meet people from all over the world, who have become friends, in this master I have managed to have fun learning, something I had not done for a long time. Finally, the practices offered by the master in the world of football have allowed me to get a job in the professional area that I have always wanted to be. To everyone who wants to be in this sector, without a doubt, I recommend this master.”

Objectives of the program

The content and development of this Master in Sports Marketing has been adjusted to the professional demands that students need in their professional practice. It is aimed at the management and direction of sports organizations, institutions and facilities - both public and private - as well as the design, leadership and development of sports events of any nature or size. At this time of progressive academic adaptation across the European Higher Education Area, it is essential to enlarge UCAM’s postgraduate studies portfolio with a qualitatively high master’s program specifically aimed at obtaining the skills required to compete in a global world. To achieve this, teaching staff has carefully been selected, comprising highly qualified university academics as well as professionals from our country's top sports institutions.


UCAM Spanish Sports University, for the academic course 2020-2021, has included in the registration fee the opportunity to take one of the programs of Barça Innovation Hub that is closely related to each master's program.

For the Master in Sports Marketing, the Certificate in Communication in Sports Organizations is included, to complete the study plan with a highly valued and recommended area in the sports industry.

This Masters Degree is intended to train future sports marketeers for the normal function of directing sports organizations, with special emphasis on their management and planning. To this end, the Masters formulates the acquisition of advanced training of a specialized nature, geared towards a professional qualification.

The Program for the Master in Sports Marketing, is aimed at both professionals who already have experience in the area of sport marketing who want to update their knowledge in a rapidly changing arena, as well as at people who wish to further their career in sports management and planning.

Similarly, it is intended for individuals who are ready to be leaders, contributing to human social and economic sustainable development, leaders with empathy and ethics who put effort into any project they encounter, with a team spirit and an eagerness to help others succeed.

UCAM Spanish Sports University, develops a Postgraduate Studies Program which aims to train its students in the field of Sports Marketing and give them a global vision of this sector in constant change and growth. It has the endorsement of the Spanish Olympic Committee for the development of the Master in Sports Marketing, as well as public and private entities of relevance in the entire national territory.

Due to the great progress made in the sports sector in the last decade, the need to train professionals in all areas of the same is created. Sports Marketing is one of the areas of knowledge to take into greater consideration, since it deals with managing effectively and efficiently each of the organizational and coordinating aspects of sport.