Tomás Freitas

MSc Master in High Performance Sport: Strength & Conditioning

My main motivation for studying this master’s program, was to increase my practical knowledge specifically, strength and conditioning, because I believe it is a very important part of the future in high performance sports. I think the balance they can teach us on research and the scientific background, but also their practical experience and how to apply the knowledge we get into the practical side of sports science, is the most important aspect I will take from the master’s program.

Lee Ji Soo

MBA Master in Sports Management

"This program presents information about the professional sports industry and the real experience from people that work in the sports area.  We have visited many clubs in Madrid, such as Getafe, Alcorcón, Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid.  We were able to meet and have a conference with the people working there, where we could share our ideas. It is a great opportunity for people who want to work in the sports area.”

Willem Coleman

MBA Master in Sports Management

I have been a sports enthusiast all my life and in 2015 I made the decision to study for an MBA in Sport Management at UCAM. I have always been fascinated by sport and the power it has to change lives, so learning about the business of sport formed the basis of my new career. Within the short space of one year, I was equipped with the requisite skills to venture into the world of sports by getting an impeccable theoretical framework and solid practical experience too. All that in addition to getting invaluable insights from top sports professionals and executives in the masterclasses. After coming back to my country, Ghana, with my new background, I set up Centa14 Sports and Entertainment and I have already racked up successful projects and worked with some of the world's top organisations and executives, all thanks to the solid foundation built at UCAM.

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